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is an alternative medical therapy that is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. This practice uses an invisible force that all living creatures are said to have. Invented by German doctor Franz Mesmer, mesmerism is a form of animal magnetism. The power is felt as a tingling sensation and has a calming effect.


Mesmerismo, also known as animal magnetism, is a phenomenon in which living things are hypnotized by an invisible force. It was named after the German doctor Franz Mesmer. This force is present in all living things, but it’s not recognized by the human mind. Mesmerismo occurs naturally in animals, including humans.

Mesmerism was used in therapy, especially in the 19th century, to help people who were afflicted by illness or injury. It’s a form of healing, but also a way to manipulate the subject. In modern times, mesmerism is used in many ways, including in movies and video games. It also refers to things that make people feel like they’ve been hypnotized or embobed.

Mesmerism is considered a footnote in the history of medicine, but in its day it was a powerful philosophical force. It helped open the door to new ways of thinking about the human body and energy. It was an effective method for healing people suffering from maladaptive behaviors and psycho somatic conditions.

Mesmer’s work is controversial. In fact, some catedraticos at the time sought to suppress Mesmer’s discoveries. Nevertheless, Mesmer never realized that his experiments were commercially exploitative and he was attempting to manipulate magnetism for personal profit. As a result, he was met with a great deal of opposition from catedraticos of his day, and in some cases, even attempts were made to banish him.


Mesmerismo practitioners, also called hypnotists, are individuals who perform a hypnotic state on a patient. This practice is based on the principle that the mind is not completely conscious when it is asleep. Hypnotists are trained to manipulate unconscious thoughts and alter the state of consciousness in order to achieve the desired result. Although hypnotism has become a popular therapy, few hypnotists are aware of its historical background.

Mesmerism was a practice used by a number of ancient cultures for healing. It was also known as magnetism and Animal Magnetism, and it was not disapproved by the medical profession, but its practitioners enjoyed many patrons from European society. However, the French Revolution caused a hiatus in mesmerism practice. This method is still practiced today as an alternative medicine, though it is not recognized as a branch of medical science.

Although Mesmer’s techniques were widely regarded as highly effective, there were skeptics of his methods. In his early years of practice, the French physician Sigmund Freud was attracted to Mesmerism, but after failing to achieve the desired effects, he turned to word association instead. This became his primary form of therapy.

While mesmerism may have been discredited today, it did have a significant impact on medicine. In the early 18th century, Mesmer believed that all illness stemmed from a breakdown of magnetic force, and that this energy could be cured by practicing Mesmerism.

Practitioners’ claims

Despite its widespread popularity, Mesmerismo practitioners faced a number of critics who questioned the scientific merit of the practice. The claims of Mesmer were also questioned by official bodies, including the Royal Society of Medicine and the French Academy of Sciences. Nevertheless, his claims were ultimately rejected by both. Mesmer also questioned the ancien regime’s institutions, arguing that physical and social harmony were interconnected and that a republic should be based on the sovereignty of citizens.


Mesmerismo, or mesmeric arts, are practices that manipulate the imagination to produce altered states of consciousness. The practice of mesmerism is considered an effective means of healing and transferring thoughts. It can also be used as a form of hypnosis. This article will explore the history of mesmerism and some of its techniques.

Mesmerism is a daily practice that stimulates vitality and enables one to experience an optimal state of physical and mental health. It is 100% natural and has no contraindications, making it a safe and effective therapy. The methods used in mesmerism are derived from the principles of animal magnetism, which is another form of Frenology. However, Mesmerism has its own distinctive characteristics.

Mesmer’s techniques are based on the belief that we have an invisible magnetic fluid that runs through our bodies. As a result, he was able to create a close rapport with his patients and help them deal with nervous disorders. He also used non-verbal actions to manipulate people into a trance state.

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